At BP Financing, we make it easier for you to access the cash you're owed.
Our factoring services focus primarily on accounts receivable financing. As a result, you'll receive your money within the next 24 hours, rather than waiting 30-45 days.

Benefits of factoring
Factoring allows you to free up your money in hours.

  • Speedy payments

    Rapid payments, especially compared to waiting for a loan or customer.

  • No interest

    You don't need to pay any interest on the money you receive.

  • No new debts

    You won't accrue any new debts.

  • Re-invest

    You can re-invest your money faster to continue growing your business.

  • No waiting

    No more waiting on payments from slow customers.

What is freight factoring?
Whether you're running a small- or medium-size business, you need cash to operate. Although your clients will eventually pay, the gap between performing your work and receiving money can feel stressful.

At BP Financing, we provide you with rapid cash based on your invoices.

After providing us with your invoices, we'll factor the cash for you. In most cases, we're able to provide your payment on the same day you send them to us.

Most of our factoring experience comes from the trucking industry, where we've dedicated 15 years to helping professionals. However, we're able to help companies across a range of industries.

If you've never used factoring before, it may help to think of it as an advance on your invoices. The amount you can advance varies between cases but can reach as high as 95% of the invoice value.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...
Get started on the path to financial freedom!

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    Complete your delivery Ensure your load is completed and all paperwork in good order.

  • 2.svg
    Upload your info to BP We'll need your rate confirmation, Bill of Lading, and invoice. Let us know if we can create an invoice for you!

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    Get paid! BP deposits your funds to your account that very same day.

BP Factoring Services
Discover how you can free up your cash today.

  • factoring company ny
    Financial protection Using a factoring service provides you with financial protection. You get the money you're owed, without having to wait.

  • bp financing invoice factoring
    Speedy payments When you factor, you receive your money within 24 hours. In contrast, clients can take up to a month or more to pay.

  • factoring for trucking
    No extra debt Factoring doesn't incur any extra debt. You won't have to look into loans when you considering factoring for your payments.

  • factoring for business
    Dedicated customer service We know payments can be stressful, and we're here to help. We do whatever we can to get you your money on your time.
Factoring FAQs

  • Why choose BP Financing for your factoring?

    At BP Financing, we have 15 years of experience in providing factoring services to truck companies. In 2019, we decided to branch out to other industries.

    We take a positive and proactive approach to everyone who uses our services. When you need our help, we'll do what we can to provide you with an advance on your invoice. We're as invested in your business and its success as you are.

    Although our organization is growing, we always take a personal approach to our services. Each response we give is customized, so you won't be left feeling as though you're receiving a generic response. By always customizing our approach, we ensure you receive the best product for your circumstances.

  • Who is factoring available to?

    Factoring is available to any business that's either suffering as a result of slow-paying customers or wants to minimize the hassle involved with collections and invoicing. Whether you're managing a start-up or you're rapidly expanding, you can come to us.

    You don't need to have perfect credit to use our services either. Invoice factoring isn't the same as a loan; it's a cash advance based on the payments you're due to receive. Our assessments are fair and focus on the likelihood that your customers will meet their payment terms.

    Rather than looking at your credit history, we'll examine the credit and payment history of your customers. If it appears that they're reliable when making payments, you may qualify for factoring.  

  • What is so special about BP Financing?

    We're glad you asked! What sets us apart is our commitment to our customers and our enthusiasm for what we do.

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