3 Lesser-Known Benefits Of Factoring

April 16, 2020

Your business's financials have a wide array of lesser-known dynamics that can benefit your business and increase the amount of capital you have to work with. There is plenty of money to be harvested in almost every sector of your business and when you have the guidance of a professional to show it to you, the job of collecting it gets much easier. Factoring is the process of selling the rights to your invoices to get a speedy payment and increase your working capital so you have more money on hand. This can be beneficial in a number of ways, but how can it help your business specifically? Below we lay out some reasons why factoring can help stimulate your business.

Improves your cash flow.

When your debtors are late on payments and your business is in need of the cash owed to you, factoring gives you the opportunity to put that money directly into your pocket. Typically, debtors will be slow to pay you back and if your business needs the money owed to you sooner, factoring can provide it for you in a timely manner. Essentially, factoring guarantees that you will receive your income from your monetary assets without having to wait.

Beneficial for rapidly growing startups.

When your business is still in the entrepreneurial stage and operating almost prematurely, cash flow can become a growth-stunting issue. As business ramps up, you will need more cash on hand to work with so you can meet the inevitable new demands that will begin to arise. Prepare for the unforeseen expenses that will help you grow your business to a new level, and have a plan in place to instantly generate more cash flow.

Readily available to small businesses.

Some financial services are too expensive for a small business to afford. With limited amounts of the budget available to allocate to financial planning, it can be difficult to tell when you will be in need of a sudden influx of cash. Factoring is an inexpensive and effective way of getting a quick payout so you can keep things running smoothly.

At BP Financing, we make it easy to get the cash you’re owed within a quick period of time. With an acute focus on accounts receivable, you’re likely to get your money paid to you within 24 hours, rather than waiting 45 days. After 15 years of experience, the majority of our work has been in the trucking industry. We are uniquely dedicated to helping professionals and their businesses thrive by providing smart financial solutions that make a difference. For those unfamiliar with factoring, you can think of it as an advance on your invoices. Never settle for long wait times at an unnecessary expense. We are eager to learn more about your business and how we can be of service to you. Please reach out to us today and together we can keep business booming.

You may not realize all the benefits of factoring.