How BP Financing’s invoice factoring can help your business

June 24, 2021

As a small business, growing pains are expected. However, limited working capital isn’t just a growing pain. It’s a potentially terminal issue for your business that requires immediate remediation. Without available working capital and a reliable cash flow, businesses fail. Luckily, with BP Financing’s invoice factoring, you never have to worry about being strapped again. With 15 years of experience, we provide a streamlined, simple process tailored to your needs. Unlike competitors, we can get you the cash you’re owed in as little as 24 hours.

Here’s how invoice factoring will help you:

1. Fast cash

Invoice factoring provides you with quick, available cash and immediate access to crucial working capital.

You’ll often encounter slow-paying customers or a protracted payment process. This payment gap has severe consequences on your company, and invoice factoring is an excellent way to give yourself much-needed breathing room.

Invoice factoring involves selling your invoices to a third party. This means you don’t need to wait for payment, and this gives you the opportunity to procure raw materials, fill orders, and proceed with vital business operations.

In as short as 24 hours, you can be paid in full and continue to grow your business. Reliable cash flow is imperative, and not knowing when payments will arrive can be supremely stressful and put a real strain on your business. Even worst, it can cause your business to go under.

Luckily, with BP Financing, our invoice factoring services ensure you have a consistent, dependable cash flow to maintain optimal business operations.

2. Growing your business

Invoice factoring is also a prime way to expand your business. Business growth requires resources. When payment takes a long time, it restricts the growth of your business.

Ultimately, this restrains and suppresses success. With invoice factoring, you will have immediately available funds to finance expanded marketing, the procurement of raw materials, taking on new customers, filling larger and larger orders, and more.

Invoice factoring propels you forward as you take leaps and bounds to prosperity. This instant, available cash can even give you an advantage in negotiating better pricing and terms with vendors or suppliers. Every facet of your business will benefit.

Lastly, one thing people often overlook is you can’t anticipate or plan for opportunities. Many opportunities emerge unexpectedly, and they often require immediate action and access to funds. Without capital, your opportunities are missed before they’re even presented.

With BP Financing, you get tailored solutions to ensure you have the cash you need to grow your business. We’ll be by your side as you take immeasurable strides toward success.

3. Improved relationships with clients

As a business owner, maintaining strong, positive customer relationships is imperative to establishing loyalty. Invoice factoring has a significant, positive impact on these relationships. Client relationships sour when collections are handled in-house.

You want to engender satisfaction with your service, but you also need to be firm when pursuing collections. By outsourcing collections, you can focus solely on customer satisfaction by extricating yourself from what’s often a contentious process.

With invoice factoring, you also don’t have to worry about immediate payment. You can be significantly more flexible and accommodating to your client and their needs, which cultivates loyalty to your business.

Contact us now to get paid what you’re owed!

If slow-pay paying customers are causing your business to suffer a slow, painful death, invoice factoring is your premier solution. Working capital is essential for you to operate, grow, and succeed. Luckily, with BP Financing, we ensure you get what you’re owed, and we ensure you get it fast. With us, you receive payments in just 24 hours. Get in touch now to get started! We’re proud to be the launching point for your success.

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