From Factoring Company for Truckers: 3 Ways to Support Freight Drivers

May 9, 2021

The work freight drivers do requires sustained concentration, long periods away from home, and keeping to increasingly tightening regulations. Many often find the job too taxing, explaining why driver turnover for small fleets averages 72%.

As a factoring company for truckers, BP Financing supports freight companies with services for growth and increased profitability. However, growth is only possible when drivers are reliably efficient.

If you’re searching for ways to support your freight drivers, go over these three.

1. Consistently upgrade your fleet

The state of the truck influences how the driver performs, and also how they feel about their job. Frequent maintenance ensures that drivers are in a more comfortable environment. This helps prevent fatigue, keeping drivers alert throughout the haul.

Upgrades enable you to make your trucks more ergonomic, which also acts against exhaustion.

Other upgrades you can make equip your trucks with more technological abilities. That includes features that monitor road conditions to provide driver assistance, smarter cruise control, and even automatic braking.

Apart from supporting your drivers, these upgrades contribute to higher profitability for your trucking company. Increased driver control results in more efficient vehicle operation. Over time, servicing becomes much less costly and fuel use becomes more economical.

2. Create an effective recruitment process

When recruiting drivers, the quality you often want to see the most is consistency. These days, finding consistent drivers is easy, if you leverage modern ways of connecting.

It’s possible to find drivers through job boards or postings on your website. With this ease, you can more effectively sort the drivers who can make long-term additions to your team.

Drivers that you help to train and certify are likelier to be dependable for years to come. Your freight company can participate in a program like this by partnering with trucking schools. While helping to sponsor CDL training might seem like an expense, the returns can be significant. And it’s always an advantage to have a sure supply of trained labor.

You may find this especially useful if you’re anticipating rapid growth and increased business over a short period of time. Working with a freight factoring company for truckers helps you navigate those times. But it’s also crucial to have drivers you can count on.

3. Assist your freight drivers with staying healthy

Trucking is a sedentary profession, and few drivers ever make time for exercise. Combined with unbalanced diets and excessive caffeine, this often turns into a severe health risk.

That’s why helping drivers with staying healthy is one of the most effective forms of support you can give.

There are different ways of doing this. An easy yet highly effective way is educating your drivers. You can do this by sharing ideas of sleeping habits they can cultivate for more refreshing rest, for example. Or you can advise them on practical and healthy meal options while they’re on the road.

Not only are your drivers more likely to experience improved health when you guide them in this way, but they’ll also be more productive.

Support your drivers and your growth with a factoring company for truckers

To truly support drivers, you need the framework of a successful business. And, for that, you need a strong cash flow position. BP Financing is a factoring company for truckers, so we can help you get paid immediately after finishing the delivery. Compared to the net-30 or net-45 terms you might be getting at the moment, we help you receive payment in under 24 hours.

With faster payments, you can run a successful business and act on these three suggestions plus others you can think of to support your drivers.

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